Embedding Efficiency

Twenty years’ experience of developing and refining case management systems have led us to develop ArrowFishTM, a customizable application that will transform your business processes.

ArrowFish is an electronic version of the paper files which make up a case or project. It contains a wide range of integrated characteristics that have been proven to save time, embed efficiency, boost productivity and ultimately maximise profit within your business.

Document Generation

arrowfish-logo-w_white-space-72dpiThe documents you use most often are generated by ArrowFish in a few clicks. Any data added during the speedy generation process will be saved for later re-use and documents created or edited in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio are saved to the project they belong to, automatically.

When a letter has been marked as ready to send (you can set up custom checking hierarchies with any number of stages), the letter will be set against headed paper, signed and dated, and converted to PDF.

The PDF version of the letter will then be sent as an attachment to a carrier email, or the letter can be printed instead, automatically.

When you save an ArrowFish document, there is no need to supply a name or to navigate to a particular folder on your file system. ArrowFish documents already know what they should be called and which folder they should be saved to. This feature is a huge time saver.

Workflows which incorporate document generation produce documents for you automatically and update the workflow accordingly.

ArrowFish Templates

ArrowFish makes it easy to set up template letters, documents and forms. If you find yourself regularly typing similarly worded letters, it’s time to set the letter up as an ArrowFish template. From then on, ArrowFish will generate the letter for you, in just a few clicks.

Outlook Green Save

ArrowFish will save incoming emails automatically to the associated case or project. Outgoing emails relating to a case always contain the unique case identifier and ArrowFish saves it automatically to the project it belongs to.

ArrowFish Link Files

If the combined size of the attachments to an email exceeds a pre-set limit, the attachments are stripped out and converted to links which the recipient will be able to download on receipt.

ArrowFish Dictation

ArrowFish is designed to manage dictation queues, external typing, and to capture all re-usable data from the document generation process.

ArrowFish Contacts

A central business-wide contact repository allows all members of staff to use a single contact store. ArrowFish imports contacts, sets up contact groups, and copies contact groups from project to project.

ArrowFish Scan

ArrowFish monitors your scan folders and attaches your scans to the projects they belong to.
Baysian learning algorithms increasingly sharpen the set of projects ArrowFish suggests. If it can’t find a likely project, ArrowFish attaches the scan to your Scans-to-Assign project.

ArrowFish Share

ArrowFish shares documents (via Dropbox) with co-workers and loads documents into Google Docs for multi-user editing. ArrowFish users don’t need to visit the Dropbox folder, as ArrowFish will display the project data and the documents which belong to it. ArrowFish allows you to define security clearance levels.